Our Investment Strategy

We combine an array of key features to attain consistent returns through solid risk management. Our experienced teams of research and analysis professionals, as well as our expert investment specialists, work hard to create the right asset allocation for each client. Different asset classes perform better at different stages of the business cycle and our investment strategies help to manage opportunities and control associated risk.

Our robust framework enables us to identify the individual needs of each client and recommend the most dynamic and relevant investments to achieve their goals. The process we follow is organised around a clear structure that helps us achieve sustainable investment returns. Our operations are oriented around three core principles:

  • Creation of future capital
  • Management of existing assets
  • Protection against financial risk

Quantic’s expert portfolio management unit is responsible for investments in currencies, stocks and bonds for asset management mandates. Fixed income portfolios are structured around sovereign bonds and investment grade corporate bonds. Investments in high-yield bonds and emerging market debt are made through selected funds. Stock portfolios are focused on funds and direct holdings.

Our portfolio engineering team manages investments in mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other pooled funds for asset management mandates. We employ an open architecture approach that enables us to select the best funds for each individual case and assure our clients that they are receiving non-biased advice, free from any potential conflict of interest.

The active advisory team is in charge of generating investment ideas and designing financial products for clients with advisory mandates. This service opens the doorway to the markets, through the provision of access to top-performing traders and expert investment research by Quantic’s seasoned analysts.

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke solutions to each client and successfully handling any sort of investment limitation. Our clients have at their disposal best-in-class resources and a global network of professionals, offering their expert insights to keep their investments on track.