Tax Planning

Tax is a major consideration in planning business activities and managing personal finances. We have established partnerships with a professional network of experts specialising in tax law, in order to provide you with solutions that are versatile enough to deliver responsive returns in the long run.

Our partners offer customised tax planning solutions to accommodate your needs and reflect any changes in your personal circumstances on an on-going basis. The tax advisers will analyse your financial plan from a taxation perspective in order to align it with your financial objectives. They will, then, design the most tax-efficient wealth structuring solutions to reduce your tax liability to the minimum required by law.

Quantic is by your side every step of the way, to make sure that any taxation changes are always lined up to your wealth management goals.

Offshore Services

Quantic partners offer offshore portfolio management services on a discretionary basis for a wide range of international clients, including non-resident, non-domiciled individuals living overseas, as well as offshore companies and trusts.

Our expanding client base is diverse, with many of them falling under a specific tax regime, but with the long-term goal of residing in another country, often their country of domicile. Offshore investments are a highly sought-after option in cases where:

  • a parent has given money to a minor
  • a person expects their marginal tax rate to drop
  • an investor is entitled to an age-related personal allowance
  • an expatriate wants to legally avoid tax

We cooperate with an international team specialised in delivering optimised offshore investment strategies that meet our clients’ needs and objectives. After evaluating several key factors, such as your country of residence, domicile, tax status and income, they will recommend the most suitable investment structure in order to attain maximum after-tax returns.

The investment options they offer are designed for individuals who want to either invest regularly or as a lump-sum into various asset classes. These offshore investments are structured to:

  • Provide a regular and stable income
  • Enable you to switch between funds easily
  • Maximise growth prospects and spread risk
  • Reduce your Income and Capital Gains Tax liability

Inheritance Tax Portfolio Services

Succession planning involves a number of emotional issues and complexities. Our partner wealth planners have a thorough understanding of the current regulations regarding inheritance tax and will be glad to provide you with all the essential information to fulfil your wishes. They are committed to help you determine the most suitable solution to secure your family’s assets and make sure that they are passed on to the right hands at the right time.

Two of the most advanced financial vehicles to be incorporated within an investor’s estate plan are trusts and foundations. Trusts and foundations are highly effective structures, as they offer confidentiality, flexibility, security and control. Investors can greatly benefit from the formation of such structures, as they enable them to:

  • Ensure that their assets are reserved for the needs of the immediate family and successors.
  • Protect their assets for the benefit of vulnerable family members and dependents.
  • Prevent forced or statutory inheritance imposed by disposal restrictions under their domestic regime.
  • Make arrangements for the retention and management of a family business for future generations.
  • Protect their assets against creditor claims and litigation.
  • Avoid complex, costly and time-consuming probate court proceedings.